Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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Nancy BrightNancy Bright of lawful age being produced and sworn
and examined on the part of the plaintiff Deposeth
and sayeth

Question are you [ accquainted ] with Mrs CarringtonCarrington
and if so how long Ans yes I have been long
before she came to this state from and
ever since she came to this county I have
seen her frequently at my house

Question Do you recollect how long Mrs CarringtonCarrington
has been in this state. Ans she came
to this county sometime in Oct D 1829
to my house, but did not unload her
furniture there but she got a Cabin of
one Mr Bennet about one mile & a half
below where I lived where she went to and
she remained there till near spring

Question Do you know that Mrs CarringtonCarrington [ Brot ]
JuliaJulia a woman of col, and HarrietHarriet her daughter
in to this state with her Ans I do know
that they came with them and was called her properly

Question Did Mrs CarringtonCarrington treat Julia & Harriet
as slaves Ans JuliaJulia went by Mrs CarringtonCarrington
orders and Mrs CarringtonCarrington told me that JuliaJulia the
Black Woman and her Daughter (Mrs CarringtonCarrington ) Minerva might work for me
for & c and they both was
in my employ and I paid Mrs CarringtonCarrington

Ques How long did Mrs CarringtonCarrington keep JuliaJulia and
HarrietHarriet in this state before she sent them
to MissouriMissouri; Ans some where near four
weeks, then I saw no more of her till near
christmas and then they took her they soJuliaJulia to MissouriMissouri