Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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Question Question how long did they keep Julia & Harriet
here when they was over at christmas times
Ans one week or ten days

Quest did not Mrs CarringtonCarrington tell you after her arrival that she wanted
to settle in the Ills Ans yes she told me
shedidintended to

Ques Did or did not Mrs CarringtonCarrington offer to purchase
the ferry of Mr Philips and offered this
girl JuliaJulia in payment for the same
Ans she did if JuliaJulia was willing

Question how was Mrs CarringtonCarrington in a habit of
treating JuliaJulia in KentuckyKentucky Ans about
like her own Children

Question did Mrs CarringtonCarrington hire JuliaJulia to you to work
for you Ans She did and I paid Mrs CarringtonCarrington
for the same

Question will you explain the reason why you have
been called Nancy Morris & Nancy Bright

Ans My former husband was named David
Morris and after wards in 1832 I was
married to George Bright

Question Do you recollect what the weather was
about the time that Mrs CarringtonCarrington came
to Pike CountyPike County Ill and for two weeks
afterwards Ans it was tolerable
pleasant weather and and no ice to stop the
Navigation of the river.My Daughter

Question Do you recollect of Mrs Carringtons horses
straying from her shortly after she came here
Ans yes after she moved into Bennets Cabbin

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awhile her son JosephJoseph came to our house
enquiring after them and I understood
that they found them in a few days
after wards and I saw them riding then
and further the deponent saith not

NancyNancy Bright BrightNancy Bright