Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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Chrismas to Mrs Carringtons daughters wedding

Question Did or did not Mrs CarringtonCarrington say when she
arrived in the IllinoisIllinois that she came to settle
in the state, Ans I so understood from report that
she intended to settle in the Ills

WillWill you state as near as you can the time Mrs Carring
-ton moved into Bennetts cabbin Ans the last days
of oct 1829Question state if you please whether
or not that Mr CarringtonCarrington tried to enter your ferry
in Nov 1829. Ans I was informed on the 19th or 20thNov by my father that Mrs CarringtonCarrington son JosephJoseph
had gone over to the MorganMorgan ride to get the numbers of the landing
of my ferry and accordingly I started on to Spring
=field to enter the land and I understood that
Joseph CarringtonJoseph Carrington went as far as JacksonJackson ville
on his way to enter the said ferry but found I was
too far ahead and he turned Back home

Stat if you please how far lived from
Mrs CarringtonCarrington in the opinion & number of 1830Ans in in the spring of 1830
Mrs CarringtonCarrington moved onto the Quincy road in Pike CountyPike County and
Beny Mathis over to morgan county distant about
10 or 15 miles from Mrs CarringtonCarrington

Ques, Is or is not BenjBenjamin Mathis Mrs Carringtons son
in law - Ans it is said that he married
daughter and they do live together

Ques, state if you please NancyNancy Brights general
character as to truth and verasity
Ans as to common report I don't know of any
thing against it

Ques State if you please the general Character
of Hart, Wells for truth and verasity
Ans as to the above Question I cannot say
Question How far does Haston Wells live from you
Ans about four miles distant

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Question how long has Haston Wells lived within that
distance of you, and How long have you been
acquainted with him Ans within that distance
about 3 years, and I have been acquanted with
him partially some years before I came to this
State Question have you or not ever heard any
thing general for or againist his character for truth
and verasity Ans I cannot say

Question What is WilliamWilliam Bennetts character in his
neighborhood as to truth and verasity. Ans I do not consider
it very good and further the deponent saith not

AndrewAndrew Philips