Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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State as near as you can how long JuliaJulia
and HarrietHarriet was in this state before they
were sent to MissouriMissouri Ans Sometime after
Mrs CarringtonCarrington came here in the fall I saw JuliaJulia
and HarrietHarriet going by my house it was said to MissouriMissouri
and some time about ChristmasJuliaJulia was at Mrs
Carringtons daughters wedding report said so

Question Did you seeJuliaJulia at mrs Carringtons in
1830 and if so what time in that year
Ans in the fall when Mrs CarringtonCarrington lost her
child. (Question,) Dis or did not Mr. BirdBird and
Nancy BrightNancy Bright hunt ducks together in the Ills
Bottom Ans the [ watter ] was up in
the garden at my house and Mr BirdBird shot at
a duck and Mr Norrises as was then dog seen unto the watter
after it and It[ allamed ] my child so Mr Norris
out to call her dog out of the watter so
as to pacify my child and this is all that I know
of the duck hunting and further the deponent
saith not

JaneJane his


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