Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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Depositions of Witnesses produced and examined at
the post office in the Town of Staples in the county of morgan
and State of IllinoisIllinois before me a justice of the peace of
the county aforesaid in a certain cause now in the
Circuit Court of the county of Saint louis State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri
between JuliaJulia a woman of color plaintiff and SamuelSamuel MM Kinney
KinneyM Kinney defendant - on the part of the defendant
JosephJoseph J Bennett J BennettJoseph J Bennett of lawful age being produced sworn
and examined on the past of the defendant and sayeth
that this on their arrival
in pike county IllinoisIllinois slept at his cabin and remained
there a few weeks without having or renting the cabin for
any particular or specified time merely holding it as a
temporary shelter by his permission. And that he heard
his CarringtonCarrington as willJosephJoseph Carrington CarringtonJoseph Carrington frequently say that
they would not or had no intention of making a
slave of JuliaJulia the plaintiff in this cause in the state of
IllinoisIllinois and this say he not -

Joseph J BennettJoseph J Bennett