Peter, a man of color v. James Walton
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State of MissouriMissouri County of St LouisCounty of St Louis


John T. Walton personally appeared
before the a Justice of the peace in and for the county
aforesaid, duly sworn on his oath saith that he is
acquainted withPeterPeter a Black boy that he has known him
ever since he can recollect knew him in North CarolinaCarolina
has known him in MissouriMissouri, saw him when he started from
this County and company with ElizabethElizabeth Lansford to go to IndianaIndiana as it was said, does not know of his own knowledge that he
went there. The deponent saith that ElizabethElizabeth Lansford the was the daughter of said William WaltonWilliam Walton , she started
from her father's in St Louis County, taking with her PeterPeter
the Black man aforesaid with the consent of her father and
on her intended trip to IndianaIndiana, they took place about
twenty one years ago-that ElizabethElizabeth Lansford never
returned to the county-That said ElizabethElizabeth Lansford never
returned to the county. That PeterPeter remained away for two
years or upwards. The deponent further saith that the said
PeterPeter was beaten as aforestated, in the a -with an understanding guaranteed by Henry WaltonHenry Walton the
son of the said William WaltonWilliam Walton , that the residence of the boy
should be changed every thirty days has often heard the said
William WaltonWilliam Walton in his lifetime remark that the boy (alledging
to said PeterPeter ) was free by the laws of IndianaIndiana, if he but
knew it

JohnJohn T Walton T WaltonJohn T Walton

Sworn to & Subscribed this17th January1831before