Peter, a man of color v. James Walton
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StCircuit Court Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court March term 1831

St Louis County to wit.PeterPeter a man of color
who by permission of the court sues in
forma pauperiscomplains of JamesJames Walton WaltonJames Walton of a plea of trespass. For that the
said JamesJames Walton WaltonJames Walton on the first day of May in the year 1830 with force
and or was in the county of St LouisSt Louismade an assault on the
said PeterPeter to wit at St LouisSt Louiscounty
aforesaid and then and there one
said hold of the said PeterPeter and with
great force and then and there did
the said PeterPeter and gave him the
said PeterPeter many blows and,
and then and there imprisoned the said
PeterPeter and kept and detained him in pris
on there without any reaonsable or probable
cause whatsoever for a long space of
time to wit for the space of Eleven months.
When the said PeterPeter avers that before
and at the time above mentioned when

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when the aforesaidgrievances were committed
in the said PeterPeter was and still is a free person
told the not JamesJames Walton WaltonJames Walton there kept
and detained him and still holds and detains him in slavery. Contrary to law and against
the will of the said PeterPeter the said
PeterPeter was not only then and there greatly bruised and hurt
but was also then and there greatly
in and in circumstances to wit at StSt Louis
LouisSt Louis county aforesaid. and . the
then and there did to the damage of the
said PeterPeter $500 and therefore he brings

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