Jonathan and Gilbert, men of color v. Coleman Duncan, Edward Tract, and Charles Wahrendorff
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StCircuit Court LouisCircuit Court CircuitCircuit Court CourtCircuit Court
March Term 1831

Edward TracyEdward Tracy
Charles WahrendorffCharles Wahrendorff &

Jonathan & Gilbert

of to the of

The said defendants Charles WahrendorffCharles Wahrendorff &
Edward TracyEdward Tracy , & reserving to themselves all and all
manner of benefit of exception to said Bill of Complaint for
the manifold errors, & insufficiences therein
contained for answer thereunto or to so much thereof or
they are advised, is material, answer and they say that
in the spring of the year 1830JonathanJonathan one of the
complainants, came to the defendant WahrendorffWahrendorff & stated that his (Jonathan's brother GilbertGilbert , the slave
of Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan was then is your & could get
free by paying & saving the sum of four hun-
dred dollars, and asked said Wahrendorff's advice
respecting the manner in which it should be done:
he then stated further that said coleman wished
him (JonathanJonathan ) to become bound for the money
in which case he would give sufficient length of credit
to enable GilbertGilbert to earn the money
& that the sum of four houndred dollars was re-
quired to be paid down. The defendant Wahren-
dorff advised JonathanJonathan not to become bound
unless Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan would agree to make
a notable deduction from the amount of the
purchase money, in case GilbertGilbert should die
or become permanently unable to work within
the period allowed by the contract. JonathanJonathan

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to the suggestion of said WahrendorffWahrendorff &
& asked him to accompany him -said JonathanJonathan to
the office of J. SpaldingJ Spalding in order to conclude the
arrangement with Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan . The defen
dants further say that immediately thereafter
said WahrendorffWahrendorff did accompany JonathanJonathan to
the office of said SpaldingSpalding where the arrange-
ment was was concluded: and an instrument made
seal of Jonathan& Gilbert to Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan
for three hundred dollars was executed (a copy of
which marked A. No. 1. is hereto annexed as part of
this and immediately thereafter said Cole-
man & JonathanJonathan accompanied the defendant Wah-
rendorff to his stone, where he said defendant
advanced at Jonathan's request, one hundred
dollor to said ColemanColeman , it being the sum
that was by the agreement to be paid down
in cash and that in all this transaction the
defendant WahrendorffWahrendorff was in no no win interest-
ed, but acted merely as the friend of JonathanJonathan
& at his request, & from the same motives & no
other,then lent him said hundred dollars.
The defendants further say that the said JonathanJonathan
informed said WahrendorffWahrendorff during the aforesaid trans-
actions that said Gilbert & Coleman had got into a
dispute that ColemanColeman wished to take him out of
the country & that GilbertGilbert intended to sue for free-
dom, but that as he JonathanJonathan knew that Gil-
bert belonged to ColemanColeman , it would be best to
settle the matter amicably, & that it would be best to make the said arrangement; and that it
was right that GilbertGilbert should pay for himself
said defendents further say that afterwards wait