Jonathan and Gilbert, men of color v. Coleman Duncan, Edward Tract, and Charles Wahrendorff
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State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri. Judicial Circuit
St Louis CountyMarch Term AD 1831

To the Honorable WilliamWilliam C. CarrCarr Judge
of said Court in Cancery Sitting

Your orators Jonathan & Gilbert men of color
represent unto your honor that heretofore to wit
on the25th day of may in the year of our Lord eightheen hundred & thirty at said county
Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan whom your complainants pray
may be made Defendant to this bill had seized
& taken into his possession & then held in his custody
the said GilbertGilbert who is the brother of said JonathanJonathan
and the said then there said
Coelman then & there claimed said
GilbertGilbert as his slave for life offered to sell him
as such to said JonathanJonathan who is a free man of
color and threatened that if said JonathanJonathan not purchase said GilbertGilbert to take said GilbertGilbert to some other place & sell him as a slave
That said ColemanColeman preposed that said JonathanJonathan
should give him one hundred Dollars
and said JonathanJonathan & said GilbertGilbert should give
him this same obligation for three hundred Dollars
made payable payable by $100 payable
ten months from the date last aforesaid $100
payable twenty months from the date last
aforesaid & $100 payable in thirty months
from thedate last aforesaid said 25th day of of may AD 1830 - and it was further suggested
that by the time these installments became due
said GilbertGilbert could earn the money aforesaid $400
by his labor and it was proposed that if said GilbertGilbert should die at any time before the end
of the Thrity months aforesaid that the said Jonathan & Gilbert should only pay said Cole
man a proportionable part of said sum of
Three hundred Dollars -

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and it was Suggested that as Said GilbertGilbert desired to
become a free man Said ColemanColeman should
convey said GilbertGilbert to said JonathanJonathan as a slave
by bill of sale that said JonathanJonathan should
give said GilbertGilbert a Deed of Emancipation and
that said complainants should give these same
obligations to said ColemanColeman for the Three hundred
Dollars payble by intallments as aforesaid
Your complainants say that the said JonathanJonathan acting
under the belief that the representation made by
said ColemanColeman that said GilbertGilbert was his slave
was true and the said GilbertGilbert acting under
duress of false imprisonment they agreed to the
propositions & acted upon the suggestions of said
ColemanColeman and said JonathanJonathan accordingly-
advanced one hundred Dollars to him said
ColemanColeman said JonathanJonathan then gave said
JonathanJonathan a bill of sale for said GilbertGilbert
Said JonathanJonathan then Signed & Sealed in presence
of witnesses a Deed of emancipation for said GilbertGilbert which of emancipation it was
suggested said JonathanJonathan should untill the said sum of $400 should be paid by
said GilbertGilbert so that said JonathanJonathan should be
secured for the money advanced & which he
should security for on account of said
gilbert which Bill of Sale & Deed of emancipation the first marked A No 1 and the
second B No 2 and the complainants make them a part of this Bill. Said Complainants
say they there executed & delivered to said
ColemanColeman obligation for three hundred Dollars payable by instalments according to the
proposition of said ColemanColeman as before stated and said Complainants say that sum of $100 was advanced and said bond for $300