Jane, a woman of color v. William Dallum
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Dear Sir,

A few days since Mr. E.M. Ewing
placed in my hands a letter addressed to
him by you and the subject of the right
to freedom of Jane & Charlotte by virtue
of Deed of Manumition from Col
Richd. Dallam. He knowing that I hav-
ing been employed here to procure the
liberation of some negroes of the same
formerly referred your request for informed
to me. I have since your letter was
laid before me seen one of the men
whose freedom I have by suit obtained
here & he informs me that JaneJane is
the daughter of Peg. CharlotteCharlotte is the daugh-
ter of PhillisPhillis . Upon examining a copy of
the Deed of Manumition made by Col.
Richd Dallam of slaves in the State
of MarylandMaryland in the year 1787. I find
that PhillisPhillis & Peg were among the slaves
so set free & their increase. I immagine
there can be no doubt Jane & Charlotte
have a right to their liberty. I have
here for my own use as certified copy
of Deed & several suits depending for
the recovery of several of the same
family or I would forward it to you
I have also recently procured from MaryMary

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=land a copy of the law of that state (at the time of the Execution of the Deed)
certified under the great seal of that state
This I should be happy to furnish you also but
cannot now. It would be very practicable
for you to obtain a copy of the Deed by
addressing a letter to J. D. atty at
law, Bell_air Harford Cty. MarylandMaryland and
also a copy of the whole law of that state
covering these cases by addressing JamesJames atty at law at Anapolis MarylandMaryland. The
necessity of the production of this law will you know be put in issue by any proper
defence of yoursuit.
There is a number of other negroes taken
to Mi_ by Richd. B Dallam & J. who are
alike entitled to thier freedom Viz
WilliamWilliam , MillyMilly , Grace, MatildaMatilda , Lernon, AndrewAndrew
& Abm most of which females have chil
-dren but their names are not now here
known. I have taken some pains to in-
vestigate the title of these unfortunate
people to theirfreedom & entertain no doubt
of their right. If aid should become necessary
from this country I should be
perfectly willing to contribute & charge no
unreasonable fees. Yours with due res
pect & .

Thos. M. Smith

Jas L. Murray Esqur.