Nelly Richards, a woman of colour v. William Sewel
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To the Hon. Judge of the

Circuit Court of the Third
Judicial Circuit, Saint Louis CountySt Louis State ofMissouri

March Term 1831.

Your Petitioner NellyNelly RichardsRichards Represents
to this Honourable Court that she was born in
Charles County MarylandMaryland, lived there until she
was fourteen years old the property of Kitty Middleton
at whose death she was left free, after the death of Kitty
Middleton her daughter sent the Petitioner to VirginiaVirginia
Forquier County to William SewelWilliam Sewel the Husband of
Kitty Middleton's daughter, about four years since the said
William SewelWilliam Sewel moved with his Family to IndianaIndiana
and the Town of Indanopolis,
where your Petitioner was allowed
allowed freedom by the Judgment of the Court of
that State, that after that the said Sewel removed
your Petitioner to LouisvilleLouisville KentuckyKentucky and brought
her from that place to the City of Saint LouisSt Louis
That your Petitioner is Twenty four years old_
Your Petitioner states that she is still held in slavery
by the said William SewelWilliam Sewel in the County ofCounty of Saint Louis Saint LouisCounty of Saint Louis and
State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri where she is advised and believes that
she is entitled to her freedom and therefore your petitioner
prays that she may be permitted to sue in forma pauperis
to establish her right thereto and that such other and
further orders may be made in the premises as the
Law directs and as may seem and proper to
this Hon Court--

NellyNelly Richards


her mark

Sworn to & subsribed this 10th day of March 1831 Before