Dunky v. Andrew Hay
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DunkyDunky a woman of Color
AndrewAndrew HayHay

Be it remembered that on the trial of this
Cause the said plaintiff to maintain the issues
on her part produced and read in evidence
to the Jury the following depositions of MarieMaria Louisa Rocheblave
LouiseMaria Louisa Rocheblave RocheblaveMaria Louisa Rocheblave and ThomasThomas Drum DrumThomas Drum (here insert the deposition
of Mrs. RocheblaveRocheblave and ThomasThomas Drum DrumThomas Drum ) It was there admitted by the
parties plaintiff and defendant before the Jury
that the plaintiff was held in servitude in the
State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois and that before the commence-
ment of this action she came to the State of MisMissouri-
souri without the consert of the person claiming
her services in IllinoisIllinois and that before the com-
menct of this action the defendant arrested the
plaintiff in MissouriMissouri for the purpose of removing
her to IllinoisIllinois for the person there claiming her
services and the Defendant exercised over her in missouri no
other control than was necessary for such re-
moval. The Defendant then gave in evidence to
the Jury a statute law passed on the seventeeth day of September 1807 and in force in the then Territory which
now forms the State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois which the parties
agree may be read from the printed book in all
Courts. The defendant next gave in evidence to
the Jury the following copy of the record of regis-
try in the state of IllinoisIllinois to the mode of authenti-
cating which the plaintiff waived objections (here insert the copy of Registry) and
it was admitted that the plaintiff is the negro
named in said copy from the register This was all
the evidence given in the cause.

The Court then instructed the Jury that if they be
leived from the evidence that the plaintiff in this
case was registered in the Territory of IllinoisIllinois as an
indenturedservant in the year 1811 in pursuance