Mariguette v. Samuel W. McKinney
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St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court July term 1831

St LouisSt Louis county to wit MaryMary guette
who sues by of the court complains of SamuelSamuel LMcKinney of
a plea of trespass for that the said SamuelSamuel
MM Kinney KinneyM Kinney on the first day of February in the year 1831 with force and orders made
an assaultupon the said MaryMary guette
to wit at the county of St LouisSt Louis and
then and there and gave the said
MaryMary guette a great many violentblows
and strokes and then and there imprisoned
the said MaryMary guette and left and detained
her in prison there without
any reasonableorprobable cause whatsover
for a long space of time to wit for the space
of ten weeks then next following contrary
to law and against the will of
the saidMaryMary guettewhereby she the
said MaryMary guette was then and there not only
greatlybeatand wounded but was also
then and theregreatlyinjured in her circumstances
to wit at St LouisSt Louis aforesaid and the
said MaryMary guetteavers that beforeand at the time
of concluding the grievances aforesaid to wit at the

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county of St LouisSt Louis aforesaid she was and still
is a free person and the defendant SamuelSamuel
L WW Kinney KinneyW Kinney then held and detained her
and still holds and detains her in slavery and
after ways to the said MaryMary guette then
and there did against of
and to the damage of the plaintiff
$ 500 and therefore she brings her suit