Mariguette v. Samuel W. McKinney
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St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit CourtMariguetteMariguette
SamuelSamuel TT M Kinney MT M Kinney KinneyT M Kinney

July Term A.D.1831

And the said MM Kinney KinneyM Kinney comes
and defends the force and injury when â c. and says
that said plaintiff ought not to have or maintain her
aforesaid action thereof against him because he says
that at the time when this suit was commenced he had
not nor claimed to have nor hath he nor doth he now
claim to have but disavoweth â disclaimeth to have
any title or interset in said MariguetteMariguette as a slave nor
did he then hold nor hath he since had nor doth he now, hold
her as a slave: and this he is ready to verify, where
fore he prays proficient â c.

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