Margaret vs. George Brown, William Dallam
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In the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis, to wit, November Term 1831

MargaretMargaret a girl of colour
an infant under the
age of twenty one years by GeorgeGeorge Brown BrownGeorge Brown her
next friend complains of WilliamWilliam Dallow in
custody â of a plea of trespass of assault â battery
â false imprisonment for that heretofore
to wit, on the twentieth day of july in the year Eighteen hundred â thirty one at the county aforesaid
the said Defendant with force â arms made
an assault upon the said plaintiff â then
â there beat wounded â ill treated her and then
â there with force and arms falsely â unlawfully
imprisoned the said plaintiff â kept her and
detained her in prison there without any
lawful authority or cause for a long space of
time to wit for the space of twodays there next
ensuing - and said plaintiff further says that
before and at the time of the committing of the
said several grievances she was â still is a
freeperson â that said Defendant held â detained
â still holds â detains her in slavery wherefore
the said plaintiff says she is greatly injured
and hath sustained damage to fivehundred
dollars â therefore she sues â etc

JohnJohn Newman NewmanJohn Newman esq