Anna, a woman of color vs. Thomas Higginbotham
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In Circuit CourtCircuit Court
third Circuit &

Your Petitioner AnnaAnna represent that she is justly
entitled to her freedom but is held in Slavery and is claimed
by ThomasThomas Higginbotham HigginbottomThomas Higginbotham as his slave but your petitioner
is now in the posession & under the power of Pleasant
MBass of St. LouisSt Louis - your petitioner says that in the summer
of 1830 she was taken into the State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois by one
John Parkinson the son in law of said Higginbottomwhowent
into IllinoisIllinoiswith the intention of making that his
residence your petitioner says she was taken into IllinoisIllinois
as aforesaid the knowledge & approbation of said
Higginbottom & for the purpose of forming a part of
said Parkinson family your petitioner says that she
continued to remain in the family of said Parkinson as a servant in the state of IllinoisIllinois until within
about 8weekspastwhen she was taken to St. LouisSt Louis
said Parkinson still lives in IllinoisIllinois as a resident of
said State your petitioner believes that she was
given by said Higginbottom to his daughterMrs.
Parkinsonthe wife of said Parkinson who took
your petitioner as a portion of whather father
intended to give her. Your petitioner is informed
& believes that she is now offered for sale and
that it is the intention of said Higginbottom
to sell your petitioner to some one who will take her into New OrleansOrleans or some
distant place so as to prevent her from suing for
freedom & proving her right thereto and your
petitioner believes she will be sold & removed
from the jurisdiction of the court unless said
Higginbottom on some one for him shall be
required to give security that she shall not be
removed out of the Jurisdiction of this court
your petitioner prays that she may be permitted
to sue for her freedom as a poorperson that