Louisa vs. Sanford Calvert
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St. LouisSt Louiscounty to wit. LouisaLouisa a girl
of color on who by
on of the court by hernextfriend
SilasSilas L Duvall LSilas L Duvall DuvallSilas L Duvall complains of
SanfordSanford of a plea of trespass
for that the said SanfordSanford
to on the first day of October in the year 1831 with force and
arms made an assaultupon the
said LouisaLouisa to wit at the county
of St. LouisSt Louis and then and there beat
bruised and illtreated the said LouisaLouisa
and then and there imprisonedher
the said LouisaLouisa and left and
obtained her in prisontherewithout
anyreasonable or probable cause whatsoever
for a long time to wit for the
space of four weeks then next
following, contrarytolaw and of against
the will of the said LouisaLouisa and the
said LouisaLouisa avers that you and the
of thecommitting the aforesaid
grievancesshewas and still is a free