John vs. William Campbell
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State of IllinoisIllinois St Clair CountySt Clair CountyJuly 14th 1832

Depositions of witness produced sworn and examined at my
office in the town of IllinoisIllinois in the County of St. Clair
and State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois before me John C. SmithSmith an
acting Justice of the Peace in and for said County
in a certain case now depending in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
of St. Louis County & State of MissouriMissouriwherein John
(a boy of Color) is plaintiff & William CampbellWilliam Campbell
is defendant on the part of the plaintiff
FrancisFrancis of lawful age being produced sworn
and examined on the part of the plaintiff deposeth and
sayeth as follow to writ

question By plaintiff
Doe you no whareSuset the mother of John
a boy of was born

Anwer yes she was born in St. Gineveave in the teritory of
MissouriMissouri now state of MissouriMissouri

Question doe you no how she came to this state

Answer yes she was brought to this state by my farther
Nicholas Garett he receved her as a part of his legesee from
my Grandmother Beauvois and John was born in this state
and never was thaut to be a slave any longer than until
he was twenty one year oldSuset was sold at my
farthers sale in 1820 as well as I recolect and Robert
McCracker bought them and sold them Suset & John
to Louis PensinoSenior

Question did you see this boy John the sun of Suset in the
posesion of William CampbellWilliam Campbell in County state
of IllinoisIllinois

Anwer - I saw John in the posesian of William CampbellWilliam Campbell
at galina County State ofIllinois
IllinoisIllinois and William CampbellWilliam Campbell told me that he had bought
him John and asked me if John was a slave for life
I told him that he was not

Question What time was it that you saw John the Son
of Suset in the posesion of CampbellCampbell