Thenia, otherwise called Sarah, a woman of color vs. Green Crowder
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To the Honourable WilliamWilliam &
Judge of the Circuit CourtCircuit Court within
& for the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis

The petition TheniaThenia otherwise called
SarahSarah , a negro woman, as well for herself
as for her child CharlotteCharlotte , who is a mulatto girl about three years old, respectfully shows

That she is now about twenty one year old. That she may born in KentuckyKentucky,
the slave of one - That many
years ago (fifteen or seventeen years) one
JacobJacob interviewed with the daughter of , the
then master of your petitioner, and your
petitioners, then being a little girl was
given to the in ,
and remained in his posession in
KentuckyKentucky, until four or five years
ago, when he removed with his family
(your petitioner being one) into the state
of IllinoisIllinois, and there settled & resided for
about one year, near a place called
Waggoners Point, opposite the lower
rapids of the MississippiMississippi. After that
Mr. Wernermoved with his family

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the MississippiMississippi to a country called the
Halfcountry, There kept your
petitioner for about two or three years, until
within a few days past. The petition
states that a few days after she was
taken into the Half country, she
had the alone child CharlotteCharlotte .

That for several past Mr Weaver
occasionally expressed the intention of
selling your petitioner, but was prevented
by the opposition of his wife, in whose right
he at first obtained her. That not long
since Mrs Weaver,died, and Mr Weaver
as as he could arrange his affairs,
brought your petitioner down to St LouisSt Louis
& sold her & her child CharlotteCharlotte to one
Greer Crowder, who, as your petitioner
is informed & believes, is a regular slave
trader, and follows the occupation
of buying slaves in this part of the
Country & selling them in the lower
Country. Immediately after the purchase,
Mr Crowder carried your petitioner & her
Child to the into the jail of this
country, for safe keeping until he
should be ready to take them to the