Vivia, a woman of color vs. Martin Mitchel, Henry G. Mitchel, Henry C. R.
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To the HonorableWilliamWilliam C.
of the circuit court of the county of
St. LouisSt Louis

Your petitionerViviaVivia humbly
that she is a woman of color
that she was brought sevenyears since
to the state of MissouriMissouri by aman named
and afterward then to the state
of IllinoisIllinoiswhereshe obtained her
freedom and that for severalyears she
has said lived both in the state of IllinoisIllinois
and in the state of MissouriMissouri as a free
person that since the year1827 she
has been a servant of the city of St. LouisSt Louis
where she nowresides; not a man who
appears as the agent of our
has had your petitionercommittedtojail
as a runawayslave your petitioner
prays that she may be permitted

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to sue as a free person to establishher
right to freedom and that yourhonor
the proper order to protect
herfor removal for the date
or of this courtwhich the said shall
be pending