Harriett Parmely, Administratrix of Sylvanus Parmely vs. Isaac W. White
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First Saturday 7th May 1831

Harriett ParmelyHarriett Parmely Adminis-
tration of Sylvanus ParmelySylvanus Parmely decd
Isaac W WhiteIsaac W White

Note dated 11th January 1825
due 3 days after date
credit on October 12th 1828 for 10.00

On this 7th day of May come the said plain-
tiff by her attorney and the said defendant in proper person and
neither of the parties requiring a Jury they submit the matter to the
Justice which being seen and heard and the Justice not being advised
what Judgment to render takes time to consider and on the ninth
day of May the justice being now suffeciently advised of and con-
cerning the premises doth find that there is due on the said note
the sum of Seventy Five dollars and that there is also due for
interest thereon the sum of seventeen dollars twenty cents
therefore it is considered that the said Harriett ParmelyHarriett Parmely Admin-
istrator of Sylvanus ParmelySylvanus Parmely deceased recover against the said
Isaac W WhiteIsaac W White her said debt of seventy five dollars and also
the sum of Seventeen dollars & twenty cents for interest thereon
together with her costs and charges by her about her suit in
this behalf expended and that the have thereof execution and on the said 9th day of May the said Issac W WhiteIssac W White makes affidavit as required by law and tenders his
appeal bond in the sum of One Hundred dollars with ThomasThomas Eddy as his security
who is approved of as such and the appeal is granted