American Fur Company vs. Antoine Valliant
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Before JosephJoseph & Garmer a justice of the peace within
and for the county of St. LouisSt Louis

The American FurMissouri Fur Company
CompanyMissouri Fur Company
John BJohn B MansfieldMansfield

Action on the are an account
for the hire of Fleet Boat
$ 66 - first brought by attach-
ment February 18th 1837 on the affidavit of JeanJean Blaskey
an agent for the Plaintiffs unit of attachment sues against
the defendant returnable on the twentieth day of March
in the same Year

March 20th 1831 being the day to which the writ of attach-
ment aforesaid is made returnable, the the
the said writ, with this endorsement - âBy virtue of the
within writ of attachment to me directed I have attached all
the goods, Chattels moneycredits & effects of the witness named
JeanJean B BJean B in the hands or possession of AntoineAntoine
Villant, and summoned said AntoineAntoine Villant as
Garnishee, to appear and answer at the time and
place within named as commanded, and declared it in
the presence of ThomasThomas and Blaskey
the 19th day of February 1837, signed J Cooper
Constableâ where upon the thirtieth day of August being
set for trial, it is by the Justice that the plaintiffs
close advertisements to be let at of the
public in the , at least forty days before
the trial day, which advertisements shall contain a notice
of the proceedings had against the defendant and
shall require him to appear before such justice and enter
the Bail to the plaintiffs on a before the
said day, or Judgement will be rendered against him-
and afterwards on the said thirtieth day of Augustbefore
the Justice aforesaid; by their agents and the defendants
being hath he filed

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to the action aforesaid of them the said plaintiffs against
him and it appearing to the Justice upon the statement
an oath of DanielDaniel Barby deputy countable that adver-
tisements have been put what most humble
places in the township and notifying the said defendant
of the proceedings had against him and requiring him
to appear before Justice on the thirtieth may in the
said month and plea J Bail to the acting or
that Judgement with he rendered against him, and the
demand of the said plaintiffs being founded on an
account and at sixtydollars, Judgment
is therefore rendered for the said plaintiffs against the
said defendant by his default further and of Sixty
six dollars with and afterwards in the
day & year and at the place aforesaid
AntoineAntoine Valliant aforesaid and the
plaintiffs being called were notneither have they filed
Interrogating to be put to said garnishee of motion
of said garnishee It is considered that the said plaintiffs
the putting by their said writ, to the for
their false and that the said garnishee
go here further day and afterwards to writ on the
first day of September within same year the
plaintiffs aforesaid by their agent and a
cause the Judgment of her suit of aforesaid
against the said plaintiffs is let aside and the
day of the same month being where
for hearing and trial, and notice of the same given
on the said seventh day before the Justice aforesaid came
as well the garnishee aforesaid in proper
as the said plaintiffs by their agent aforesaid and an