American Fur Company vs. Antoine Valliant
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the application by said garnishee for a jury of
and by consent this case is certained to their eighth day of the June month, at while said day before the justice aforesaid
and the parties aforesaid and thereafter at the request
aforesaid a jury Cory George Wm
Chahaman, Caleb Feur, John PJohn P Reed ThomasThomas Engram dead
WhiteWhite in good and lawful name of the township
of St LouisSt Louis, while being sworn well and truly to try the
matter between the parties aforesaid and
having heard the evidence added upon their oaths
that they for the plaintiffs in the hands
of the saidgarnishee, of the goods and chattles money
and effects of the said BaptisteBaptiste show that to the sum
of Sixty six dollars â where when judgment is rendered
by the justice against the Garnishee aforesaid
in favor of said plaintiffs for the said sum of Sixty
Six dollars & costs of fact and thereupon same
time on the prayer of the said garnishee and his filing
the affidavit prescribed by law and entering into
and grievance with security, and effect is granted
to him to the circuit court of the of St LouisSt Louis
and on the judgment aforesaid

I the justice hereby certify that
the above and aforegoing is a time
of judgment & proceedings had

J C Parmer