Coleman Duncan vs. Jonathan Duncan
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JonathanJonathan Duncan DuncanJonathan Duncan
ColmanDuncn for
the use of James & Thomas

And Said defendant comes
and says said plaintiff ought
not to have & maintain his said action against said
defendant by reason of any thing by said plaintiff in
his replication to said defendants second plea -
alledged became he says said plaintiffs replication
to that plea & the matters & things therein contained
are not sufficient in law to enable said plaintiff
to have & maintain his said action and is no
& sufficientanswer to defendants Second plea and theretofore
wherefore Defendant prays Judgement to
and to the Replication of Plaintiff
to defendants third plea said defendant
says said Replication is not a good and
sufficientanswer in law to that plea & the
defendant is not bound by the law of
the land to answer the same where fore
defendant prays judgment to

And for Replication to as as to the plaintiffs
Replication to defendants further plea said
defendant says that Said Replication & the
matters & things thereon alledged are not sufficient
in law to prevent the said plaintiff from being
barred & precluded from having & maintaining
his said action & defendant is not bound
by law to assure the same

Book 6 page 324

H R GambleH R Gamble SpaldingSpalding G A BirdG A Bird Defts atty

filed April 30 1832

A G Clk