Matilda, a woman of color vs. Elijah Mitchel
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To the honorableWilliamWilliam C. CarrCarr judge of the
circuit court of St. Louis County

Your petitioner uponwhom of whom MatildaMatilda
to from that about two years since
she obtained her right to freedom by a judgment
of the court written
that that lives to this she has resided
in the state of IllinoisIllinois and to be
and a free woman that on this
day there 22 day of May in the year 1832
she was thus by the said state of
IllinoisIllinois and is now held by force and detained
as a slave in the county of St LouisSt Louis by oneElijahElijah Mitchel MitchelElijah Mitchel and
this his your petitioner therefore
prays that she may be permitted to sue
as poorpersons to establish her right
to freedom, and she will everpraythus
and your petitioner further states that the
above ElijahElijah and Maxarenow
her or their of the Impossible the of her of that
jurisdiction of this court by

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The within named petitioner is allowed to sue
for the purpose of establishing her right to free
-dom. The clerk of the Circuit CourtCircuit Court for
St. LouisSt Louis will issue a writ agreeably to the
statute in such cases made & provided
& it is hereby ordered that said MatildaMatilda
have reasonable liberty of attending her
counsel & the Court whenever occasion
may require - that she be not subjected
to any severity on account of her application
for freedom nor be removed out out of the jurisdiction of the court-

Given under my hand at my
ChambersChambers this22 May 1832

WillWill C. CarrCarr
Judge 3 Circuit