Marianne, a person of color vs. Elijah Mitchell, Alexander J. Fields
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In JeffersonJefferson St. LouisSt Louis the Circuit court
July Term 1832

County ofCounty of St Louis St. LouisCounty of St Louis fit
MaryMary Ann AnnMary Ann a person of color by law of the
court here permitted to sue as a poor person by her next friend beingassigned as her
counsel complains of AlexanderAlexander P Fields PAlexander P Fields FieldsAlexander P Fields & ElijahElijah Mitchel MitchelElijah Mitchel of a plea of trespass assault & Battery & false imprisonment
for that the said defendantsheretoforetowit
on the TwentySecond day of May in the year of our lord eighteen hundred & thirty two
Made an assault upon the said MaryMary Ann AnnMary Ann to wit
at the County aforesaid & then & there beatbruised
wounded & ill treated her the said MaryMary Ann AnnMary Ann
& there falsely imprisoned her & kept & detained
in prison & still keeps & detains her in prison as a slave without any reasonable or
probable cause whatsoever contrary to the law of the land & against the will of the
plaintiff and the plaintiff avers that before
& at the time of the said several grievances
she was & still is a free person & the
said defendantheld & detained & still holds
& detains her in slavery contrary to the law
of the land to wit at the county aforesaid
& other wrongs to the said plaintiff then & there
did to the damage of the said plaintiff
of five hundred dollars & of therefore she

Guyor atty for Plf