Marianne, a person of color vs. Elijah Mitchell, Alexander J. Fields
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MaryMary Ann AnnMary Ann
Fields & Mitchel

/ Plff proves by that she
was born & raised in a free State has
acted & beenrespected as a free person
The presumptions arising from this fact

2 That plaintiffs mother by suit against Elisha
Mitchels administrations & in 1809recovered
her freedom if this record is notconclusion it is
at least Evidence of the facts stated in it
presumptions arising from the facts stated in the

3- The record of the suit in 1825 againt ElishaElisha Mitchel
MitchelElisha Mitchel presumptions arising from the facts Stated

4- The Deposition of Badgely & those for defendant
contrasted & the in
the Statements of Badgely -

5- Ilias Fields actingmerely as the attorney of the
of ElishaElisha Mitchel MitchelElisha Mitchel or was he anactive
agent & principalin removing the plaintiff
from her native State: in trespass all are
principals & the man whostands by & aids
& encourages in an act of trespass is as much
a principal as the onewho strikes the blow to
Fields was armed, drew his arms - had Cole
arrested - & of & to
her & declared himself the person responsible
for the act of removing plff & others

6- What Damages ought the Plaintiff to have