Sam, a person of color v. Elijah Mitchel and Alexander P. Fields
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To the Honorable the Judge of the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
of St Louis County

The petition of Sam a person of colour by LydiaLydia her next friend

That LydiaLydia the mother of your petitioner
was formerly the slave of one ElishaElisha Mitchel MitchelElisha Mitchel
now deceased that said MitchelMitchell removed to the
territory now state of IllinoisIllinois and there held
said LydiaLydia as a slave, in the year 1807 or
there about - That after the death of said MitchelMitchell
his widowJennyMitchel administered on the
estate and in 1809 said LydiaLydia brought her
suit against said administration in the
General court of said territory of IllinoisIllinois to
establish her right to freedom - and was by
said court in said suit adjudged to be
free. That your petitioner was bornsince
the rendition of said Judgment and has
resided with his mother in IllinoisIllinois - That
said LydiaLydia since said Judgment and
her children since their birth including your
petitioner have enjoyed their liberty in
the territory and state of IllinoisIllinois until yesterday
when they were arrested imprisoned and seized
as slaves by one Alexander P FieldsAlexander P Fields
ElijahElijah Mitchel MitchelElijah Mitchel & others
and brought to the city of St LouisSt Louis where
they including your petitioner are now
imprisoned and held as slaves - That
said Fields Mitchel & others -

threaten and intend immediately to remove
your petitioner out of the state to prevent
his asserting his right to freedom, and to hold
or sell him as a slave elsewhere. Your
petitioner therefore prays that he may be
allowed to sue as a poor person - that such
order may be made & precedings had in
the premises is shall be according to law &

byLydiaLydia Sam & afree
person of colour
by LydiaLydia next friend