Sam, a person of color v. Elijah Mitchel and Alexander P. Fields
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County of St LouisCounty of St LouisSct

This day personally appears NathanNathan Cole
ColeNathan Cole and makes oath that Sam the petitioner
is free or entitled to freedom as this affiant
believes as stated in the petition That AlexanderAlexander P Fields
PAlexander P Fields FieldsAlexander P Fields & ElijahElijah Mitchel MitchelElijah Mitchel and others arrested and imprisoned
him in the state of IllinoisIllinois, and bought him
byforce to this city where they
until last night when he recognized him in close confinement and threatened
to remove him as soon as possible out
of this state with intent to hold him
in slavery and prevent his prosecuting
his claim to freedom -

NathanNathan Cole ColeNathan Cole