Michael, a boy of color v. Henry G. Mitchel and Henry C. Russel
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State of MissouriMissouri
St LouisSt Louisss

The petitioner MichaelMichael a
boy of color havingbeen this day
brought before me the judge of the circuit
court of St LouisSt Louis county by writ of habeas
corpus and the persons inwhosepossession
the said MichaelMichael was found having
refused to enterintorecognizance as required
by law in that behalf. I do therefore order
and direct the sheriff of St LouisSt Louis
county to take possession of the said
MichaelMichael and hirehim out from time
to time during the pending of the
petitioners suit for freedom and that the
sheriff take for the person or per
sons who shall hire the said petitioner
in the sum of six hundred dollars
withsuch security as the sheriff shall that the said
shall at all times during the pending
of said suit havereasonable liberty of attending