Mahala, a free woman of colo v. Martin Mitchell
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To WilliamWilliam C CarrCarr Judge of the CircuitCircuit Court CourtCircuit Court
Third IndividualCircuit & state of MissouriMissouri

Your Petitioner MahalaMahala a free woman of color
represents that she was born free in the state of IllinoisIllinois
about the year AD 1812 that she was born of a
freemother named LydiaLydia whobefore her birth
recovered her freedom that both she & &
her mother
have/ her mother since 1809 & your petitioner since her birth
resides in the state of IllinoisIllinois & regarded by all who
know them as free persons Your Petitioner believes
from information that one ElishaElisha Mitchel MitchelElisha Mitchel ceceased
in 1809 or 1808 removed into the of IllinoisIllinoiswhere
he livedabout 3 months during which time he
hired said LydiaLydia to labor there & declared that
it that was intention that said LydiaLydia should be
free.. Your Petitioner says she has this day been
arrested as a runawayslave & confined in thejail
of St LouisSt Louiscounty by MartinMartin Micthelwho pretends
to have arrested your Petitioner as attorney In fact
for the Executor of ElijahElijah Mitchel MitchelElijah Mitchel deceased &
who pretends that your petitioner is a slave belonging
to the Estate of said ElijahElijah Mitchel MitchelElijah Mitchel
your Petitioner believes it is the intention of said
MartinMartin Mitchel MitchelMartin Mitchel to take your petitioner to KentuckyKentucky
unless he is presented & your Petitioner does not
believe that she can remain in safety in St LouisSt Louis
unless said MitchellMitchell shall be required to gain
security that she shall not be removed. Your
petitioner prays that she may be permitted to institute
suit for her freedom as a poor person that counsel may be assigned
to her for that purpose that a writ of HabeasCorpus
may be issued requiring said MartinMartin Mitchel MitchelMartin Mitchel

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to have the petitioners body before your honor that
such orders may be made in the premises as
unable her to communce & her same for freedom
& secure her safely & she will pray &c

MahalaMahala her mark