Mahala, a free woman of colo v. Martin Mitchell
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Deponent thinks that it is over twenty years since the said wench
returned from MissouriMissouri to IllinoisIllinois, and has resided there ever since
- The names of the Children said to be the children of said wench
are as follows, to wit. (as far as deponent knows or recollects)-
Sam, one called and girl called MahalaMahala - deponent understands that one of said children is called MatildaMatilda , and another called
Vina- Deponent believes that said wench has other children
but deponent does not know them- Deponent understands
that said Wench has had part of her children in IllinoisIllinois ever since
her return there and that several of them had been born there
Deponent knows that said Wench was married to a coloured man
in IllinoisIllinois ( far deponent belives) twenty years ago or upwards,
named Nase Titus, and that she had had several children by him.

Deponent further says that said MitchellMitchell . at the time he arrived
in IllinoisIllinois had a Negro man named and deponent knows
that said MitchellMitchell had hired out the said BobBob in the said territory
of IllinoisIllinois to a man named John Byron for some time and
deponent saw the said BobBob at work there for three days making
sugar troughs for said Byron

Ichabod Badgley