Mahala, a free woman of colo v. Martin Mitchell
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MitchellMitchell had rented of said Valentine for the terms of two years
the said land was situate within about five and a half miles of HarrisonHarrison -
ville aforesaid in the aforesaid State of IllinoisIllinois - Deponent
then observed to said MitchellMitchell that perhaps he was ignorant
of our lives, meaning the laws of Ilinois, that he, MitchellMitchell
had some Negroes with him, and that if they stayed over sixty days
they would be free according to the laws of Ilinois - the said
MitchellMitchell then thanked deponent and observed that he had been
already over seventy days in IllinoisIllinois, and that it was not
his intention that they should be Slaves. that he knew they would
remain unith him during his natural life: that it was not his
intention they should be Slaves after his death: that the old
wench had been a mother to his children in raising them and
he knew she would not leave him - The said MitchellMitchell afterwards
in the same year (in what month of said year deponent does not now-
recollect moved with his family and Negroes to the Territory of MissouriMissouri.
Deponent understood that said MitchellMitchell , after his removal to MissouriMissouri, had died in the said territorry of MissouriMissouri- how long after, deponent
does not recollect - The or said our of said MitchellMitchell had
returned to the Territorry of IllinoisIllinois with the said family
of negroes - when MitchellMitchell had first arrived in IllinoisIllinois deponent
understand that Lyd. the old wench above referred to. had children, howmany
this deponent does not know - Deponent recollects that there was a
suit and as deponent understood. was a suit brought by said
wench for her freedom - he does not recollect the parties, but suposes
the suit was brought by said wench against the said wife or
widow of said MitchellMitchell and against the heirs of said MitchellMitchell

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The deposition of IchabodIchabod Badgley BadgleyIchabod Badgley taken before Mr PatrickPatrick Walsh
WalshPatrick Walsh a Justice of the Peace within& for the county of StSt Louis
LouisSt Louis at my office in the city of St LouisSt Louis & and state of aforesaid on the twenty eighth day of November in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred & thirty two between the hours of eight o'clock in the
forenoon & five Oclock in the after noon of that day
pursuant to the enclosed to be read in
in the following causes pending in the circuit of
St Louis County & State of MissouriMissouri namely MahalaMahala
a woman of colour againstMartin MitchelMartin Mitchel also
in the cause of a woman an of colour against
Martin MitchelMartin Mitchel also Sam an infant of colour by his
guardianadlitum against Alexander P Lucida & ElijahElijah Mitchell
MitchellElijah Mitchell also MarianneMarianne a woman of colour against
Alexander P. Fields & Elijah MitchellElijah Mitchell also AnsonAnson an
infant of color against HenryHenry C RusselRussel impleaded with Henry
G. Mitchel also MichaelMichael an infant of
against HenryHenry C. RusselRussel impleaded withHenry G MitchellHenry G Mitchell also Mitchal an infant against HenryHenry
C. RusselRussel impleaded with Henry G MitchelHenry G Mitchel on
the part of the planitiffs.

IchabodIchabod Badgley BadgleyIchabod Badgley of lawful age being produced
sworn & examined on the part of the planitiff deponent
& saith, that somewhereupwards of twenty years ago. and as
deponent believes about the year Eighteen hundred and eight, in the
month of February. deponentbecame acquainted with a certain
man named Elisha Mitchell- said MitchellMitchell as deponent understood
had then recently arrived in the Then territorry of IllinoisIllinois said
MitchellMitchell then stopped at a placed within about five miles of what
is now called Harrisonville in the State of IllinoisIllinois: In the month
of May next following, the said MitchellMitchell called upon deponent to
get him to witness an agreement, which said MitchellMitchell had made
with one George Valentine for the rent of some land. which said