Tenor Washington v. Henry Scott and John Emerson
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Tenor WashingtonWashington

Before me Archibald GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk of
the Circuit Court of said County personally appeared
WilliamWilliam Mull and made oath that he knows
the plaintiff in the above cause and has known
her for some time that said plaintiff was the
property of a man named CajabalCajabal Gill GillCajabal Gill who
at one time offered to sell her to this affiant
that afterwards as affiant has been informed &
believes said Gill sold her to one JeremiahJeremiah Johnston
JohnstonJeremiah Johnston with whom as affiant knows she resided
for one year in the State of IllinoisIllinois of which
said Johnston is a Citizen. That said plaintiff
has for some time back resided in the family
of affiant that this affiant at her request
has endeavored to ascertain the place of abode
of said Gill for the purpose of procuring his testimony
in this cause that in the month of May
last affiant wrote to KentuckyKentucky making inquiry
about said Gill, that it has not been until
within a few days back that affiant has ascertained
that said Gill resides at present in Carrolston
IllinoisIllinois. That the plaintiff is an ignorant person
incapable of managing her suit or taking the necessary
steps to prepare for trial and relied upon
affiant to aid her in that behalf that affiant
was obliged to be absent in the State of IllinoisIllinois
on business and was necessarily absent this day
when the case was called for trial. That affiant
believes the deposition of said Gill can be procured
at the next Term of this Court. This affiant
further states that since the nonsuit taken
in this suit to day said ScottScott came to the house
of affiant and told said plaintiff that the case
having now been decided he would not give
her another chance but would send her

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down the forthwith which this affiant
believes said ScottScott will do unless restrained by
this court.

Sworn to & subscribed
this 13 August 1832

A GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk

Wm. Mull