Leah, a woman of color v. Arthur Mitchel
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StateMissouri of MissouriMissouri

The Honorable WilliamWilliam CCarrCarr
Judge of the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
Judicial Circuit in Said State

Your Petitioner represents to your honor that she is
now & for the last five or six years past has been
held inn slavery & claimed as the slave of ArthurArthur Mitchel
MitchelArthur Mitchel at St. LouisSt Louis in the State of MissouriMissouri where
she is now held & claimed as a slave by said ArthurArthur
Your petitioner says that she is justly & legally entitled
to her freedom. Your petitioner says that some
time about the year 1817 said ArthurArthur Mitchel MitchelArthur Mitchel
moved from the State of KentuckyKentucky into the State ofOhio
OhioOhio & leased a farm in OhioOhio & resided on Said
Farm with his family & your Petitioner whom he then held as a slave & said ArthurArthur continued
to employ your Petitioner in said state of OhioOhio on said
farm for aboutsix months in said year 1817 -
your petitioner further says that in April 1826
said MitchelMitchell had your Petitioner in the State ofOhio
OhioOhio claiming her as a slave when the State of OhioOhio on behalf of your petitioner by writ of Habeas
Corpus caused your Petitioner to be brought before
the court of Common Pleas of Brown CountyBrown County &
State of OhioOhio by said MitchelMitchell to whom the said
writ was directed & who returned said writ
as follows - as I know the of LeaLea & her
"child ArchibaldArchibald ready to produce before the Honorable
Court I had said & as my
"under the constitution & laws of the State ofKentucky KentuckyKentucky
"& I think have a right to claim & hold them
"as Slaves & am now about to take said LeaLea &
"child to KentuckyKentucky April 18th 1826. A Mitchel,
your petitioner says that on the 20th day of April 1826
Your Petitioner & said MitchelMitchell appeared before
said Court by their attained & the said court
after hearing all the evidence produced by the

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found that your Petitioner wasfree &
discharged her & her Said child from the Custody of
said MitchelMitchell as will appear by a duly certified copy of the record
& providing an said writ of HabeasCorpus
in possession of your Petitioner & which she is ready
to produce to your honor your Petitioner says that
in defiance of Said Judgement & discharge Said
MitchelMitchell now holds your Petitioner in Slavery Said
MitchelMitchell is about to remove from the State ofMissouri
MissouriMissouri & is endeavoring to sell your Petitioner
your Petitioner verily believes that there is great danger
that she & her children who are free willbe
removed aut of the Jurisdiction of Said Court
unless a writ of Habeas Corpus shall issue
to Said MitchelMitchell requiring him to produceyour
Petitioner & her children before your & such
providing shall he had thereon as the law
points out in such cases. Your Petitioner
prays that she may be permitted to sue as
a poor person to establish her freedom that
counsel may be assigned & such orders
made & such providing had in the promises
as her personal safety & the law requires

Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 25th day of September AD 1832
Patrick WalshPatrick Walsh
Justice of the Peace
St. Louis County

LeahLeah her