Leah, a woman of color v. Arthur Mitchel
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We the undersigned ArthurArthur Mitchell MitchellArthur Mitchell & JosephJoseph Powell
PowellJoseph Powell acknowledge ourselves to be indebted
to the State of MissouriMissouri in the sum of one thousand
dollars to be earned of our respective goods
& chattelslands & upon condition
nevertheless, that whereas LeahLeah and her two children
ArchibaldArchibald and Burnette have been
permitted to sue for freedom now if the said
Archibald & Burnette shall at all
times during the of their said
suit have Reasonable liberty of attending
her or their counsel and that said Leah
Archibald & Burnette and that they
shall not be removed out of the
Jurisdiction of the circuit CourtsCircuit Court
of St LouisCircuit Court county and that the said
Leah Archibald & Burnette shall
not be subjected to any severity because
of their application for freedom
during the pending of said suits then
this recognizance to be void -

Taken certified & acknowledged before
me this 27th day of Sept: 1832 as Judge of
the 3. Circuit, for the
State of MissouriMissouri

WillWill :C.CarrCarr

A Mitchell