Leah, a woman of color v. Arthur Mitchel
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State of MissouriMissouri. Circuit CourtCircuit Court third Judicial Curcuit
November Term 1832

Saint LouisSt Louis County SsLeahLeah a woman of color
by GAGA Bird BirdGA Bird her attorney complains of ArthurArthur Mitchel
MitchelArthur Mitchel of a plea of trespass assault & of Battery
& false imprisonment for that heretofore
to wit on the Twenty First day of April in the year of 1832 at the County aforesaid
the said ArthurArthur withforce & arms an assault-
did make upon her the said LeahLeah & her the
said LeahLeah did then & there beatwounded &
ill treat & then & there did imprison the Said
LeaLea & has kept & detained her in prison there
without any legal or probable cause whatsoever
from the day last aforesaid until this time
& has thereby prevented said LeaLea from carried
a large sum of money for her self which she
should otherwise have carried for herself to wit
the sum of seven hundred dollars & other wrongs
to the said LeahLeah then & there did against
the & dignity of said State and
said LeaLea says that at & before the time of
the commiting said grievances She was & still
is a free person & the Said defendant held
& detained & still holds & detains said plaintiff
in Slavery Wherefore Said LeahLeah say she is
greatly injured & hath sustained damage
to eight hundred dollars therefore she sues to

Filed 27th September 1832

GAGA Bird BirdGA Bird atty for plff

Archibald GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk