John B.D. Valois and Pierre N. Leclere v. John P. Cabbane, et al.
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St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court For November Term 1832

County of St. LouisCounty of St LouisSs: John BJohn B .D.Valois & Pierre NPierre N Leclere .
LeclerePierre N Leclere by JJ Spalding . SpaldingJ Spalding their attorney complain of JohnJohn P Cabbane
PJohn P Cabbane . CabbaneJohn P Cabbane , PeterPeter A. Sarpy, Pierre Detailli, JosephJoseph Galarmean
Louis Pineau, Edward P. Loise, Baptiste Bibi, Reilhe Hervey,
Noel Gratiot, Philipps Guillorie, AugusteAuguste Raboin, AugusteAuguste
of a plea of trespass. For that the said defendants on the
seventeenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two with force & arms &.C.
to wit at said County, seized, took & carried away, cer-
tain goods & chattels to wit, five hundred pair of blankets,
five hundred other blankets, one hundred pieces of cloth,
two thousand yards of other cloth, one hundred pieces of
stroud, one hundred Shirts, twenty pieces of handerkerchiefs,
two hundred other handkerchiefs, three thousand shirts, fifty
pair of brogans, three hundred yards of calico, ten
pieces of other calico, fifty coats, twenty packs of play-
ing cards, five pieces of sheeting, fifty yards of other
sheeting, ten carpets, twenty pair of pantaloons, ten pieces of
check, ten pieces of plaid, ten pieces of domestic plaid, fifty
pair of hose, fifty
pair of half hose, a thousand needles, five thousand .
fifty thousand beads, five hundred inches hair pipe
fifty caps, twenty pounds of thread, five thousand hawk bells
fifty powder horns, a thousand field glasses, a thousand looking
glasses, a thousand other glasses, three thousand finger rings,
one thousand owls, ten thousand brass nails, fifty files,
fifty , fifty hand saw files, ten not tail files, a thousand other files
one box of soap, two thousand buttons, five hundred gun-
worms, fifty pounds of green yarn, five hundred feathers,
a hundred pounds of candlewick, ten thousand knives,
two hundred scalping knives, five pieces of gartering, five hun-
dred , of other beads, fifty of cut glass, fifty bun-
ches of cut glass , five hundred bunches of other beads

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fifty thousand other beads, ten â
sixteen dozen of conles, one barrel of blue beads, two hundred
pounds of other beads, fifty flannel shirts, five hundred
guns, two boxes of other guns, two boxes of hats, fifty
other hats, two boxes of vermilion two hundred pounds
of other vermilion, ten kegs of pepper, fifty pounds
of other pepper, ten bags of coffee, two hundred pounds
of other coffee, ten bundles of hoop iron, five hundred
pound of other iron, ten bags of shot, five hundred
pounds of other shot, ten kegs of nails, five hundred
pounds of other nails, ten barrels of salt, a thousand
pounds of other salt, ten barrels of sugar, a thou-
sand pounds of other sugar, ten boxes of axes,
a hundred other axes, fifty kegs of tobacco, five
thousand pounds of other tobacco, a hundred kegs
of powder, ten thousand pounds of other powder,
ten boxes of raisins, two boxes of tea, two tin ca-
ses of other tea, ten kegs of rice, a hundred pounds
of other rice, ten kegs of pitch, ten boxes of soap,
one box of , one tin box, fifty nests of
ten kettles, five hundred other tin kettles, six nests
of iron kettles, a hundred other iron kettles, a
hundred pans, a hundred tin cups, a hundred coffee
pots, a hundred funnels, a hundred lanterns, ten
grind stones, a hundred pigs of lead, five thousand
pounds of other lead, six kegs of iron utensils, ten
pounds of iron wire, fifty hoes, five hundred axes,
five hundred square axes, fifty battle axes, one
box of medicines, ten pounds of verdigris, fifty beaver
traps, fifty chairs, fifty muskrat traps, ten pole
sockets, a thousand arrow points, a thousand spikes