John B.D. Valois and Pierre N. Leclere v. John P. Cabbane, et al.
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ten , ten chisels, fifty halter chains, ten
barrels one nest of trunks, twenty other trunks,
two hundred pipes, ten backets, fifty saddles ten womans
saddles, ten kettles ten pair other blankets, ten boyes,
fifty pounds of twine a hundred yards of bed cord, a
hundred yards of linen twenty rugs twenty barrels of
pork, twenty barrels of pilot bread, twenty barrels of
other bread, twenty barrels of flour, ten barrels of bis-
cuit, five hundred bushels of corn, fifty barrels of other
corn, a hundred pounds of loaf sugar, one keg of
wine, fifty gallons of other wine, one keg of rum
fifty gallons of other rum ten empty bottles, ten coffee
mills, ten hammers, ten drawing knives ten hand-
saws twenty four knives & forks, ten tea kettles, ten
frying pans, fifty pounds of nails, a dutchoven,
ten oars, two dozen of sockets two keel boats,
another keel boat called the Atlas,
of the said plaintiffs of great value to wit of the value
of twenty thousand dollars there then found and being, and
converted and disposed of the same to the use of them the said

And for that the said defendants on the seventeenth
day of September in the year of our Lord aforesaid with force
& arms & to wit at said County, seized and took a certain
keel boat, of said plaintiffs of great value to wit of the
value of a thousand dollars, and in which keel boat said plaintiffs,
then and there intended and were about to carry and
convey certain goods & merchandise for certain freight &
reward, to be therefore paid to them, said plaintiffs, and
then & there carried away said keel boat & kept & detained
the same from said plaintiffs for along space of time

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to wit hitherto and converted and disposed thereof to his
own use, and thereby said plaintiffs
were hindered and prevented from further carrying & conveying
said goods and merchandise as aforesaid, & thereby
lost & were deprived of all the profits benefits and ad-
vantage which might & would otherwise have arisen,
and to them therefore, to wit at said County.

And for that the said defendants on the seventeenth
day of September in said year with force & arms & to
wit at said County seized & took a certain keel boat
of said plaintiffs called the Atlas, of great value to wit
of the value of a thousand dollars, and also then & there
seized & took the chattles goods & merchandise hereinafter
mentioned of said plaintiffs which were then & there on
board of said keel boat, & in which said keel boat said
plaintiffs then & there intended & were about to carry &
convey up the MissouriMissouri River said chattels goods &
merchandise for the purpose of trading & bartering the
same with the Indians at great profit & advantage to
them said plaintiffs; which said chattels goods & mer-
chandise were as follows, viz. five hundred pair of blan-
ketsfive hundred other blankets, one hundred pieces of
cloth, two thousand yards of other cloth, one hundred
pieces of straw, one hundred shirts ten twenty pieces of hand-
kerchiefs, two hundred other handkerchiefs, three thousand
fifty pair of brogans, three hundred yards of calico,
fifty coats, twenty packs of playing cards, five pieces of
sheeting, fifty yards of other sheeting, ten carpets, twenty
pair of pantaloons, ten pieces of check, ten pieces of
plaid, ten pieces of domestic plaid, fifty pair of hose fifty pair of half
hose, a thousand needles, five thousand wampum, five
thousands beads, five hundred inches hair pipe, fifty caps,
twenty pounds of thread, five thousand hawk bells, fifty
powder horns, a thousand field glasses a thousand
looking glasses, a thousand other glasses, three