John B.D. Valois and Pierre N. Leclere v. John P. Cabbane, et al.
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thousand finger rings, one thousand awls, ten thousand
sand brass nails, fifty files, fifty rasps, fifty hand
saw files, ten rat tail files, a hundred other files, a hundred saws
one box of soap two thousand buttons five hundred
gun worms, fifty pounds of green yarn, five hundred
feathers, a hundred pounds of candle-wick, ten thou-
sand knives, two hundred scalping knives, five pieces
of gartering, five hundred of other beads, fifty
bunches of cut glass, sixteen dozen of combs, one barrel of
blue beads, two hundred pounds of other beads, fifty flannel
shirts, five hundred guns, two boxes of other guns, two
boxes of hats, fifty other hats, two boxes of vermilion,
two hundred pounds of other vermilion, ten kegs of pepper,
fifty pounds of other pepper, ten bags of coffee, two hun-
dred pounds of other coffee, two bundles of hoop iron, five
hundred pounds of other iron, ten kegs of nails, five hundred
pounds of other nails, ten barrels of salt, a thousand
pounds of other salt, ten barrels of sugar, a thousand
pounds of other sugar, ten boxes of axes, a hundred other
axes, fifty kegs of tobacco, five thousand pounds of other
tobacco, a hundred kegs of powder, ten thousand pounds of
other powder, ten boxes of raisins, two boxes of tea,
two tin cases of other tea, ten kegs of rice, a hundred
pounds of other rice, the kegs of pitch, ten boxes of
soap, one box of tin ware, one tin box, fifty
of tin kettles, five hundred other tin kettles, six of
iron kettles, a hundred other iron kettles, a hundred pans, a
hundred tin cups, a hundred coffee pots, a hundred funnels,
a hundred lanterns, ten grind stones, a hundred pigs of
lead, five thousand pounds of other lead, six kegs of iron
utensils, ten pounds of iron wire, fifty hoes, five hundred
axes, five hundred axes, fifty battle axes, one
box of medicines, ten pounds of verdigris, fifty beaver
traps, fifty chains, fifty muskrat traps, ten pole sockets,
a thousand arrow points, a thousand spikes, ten

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ten chisels, fifty halter chains, ten barrels,, one next of
trunks, twenty other trunks, two hundred pipes, ten
buckets, fifty saddles, ten woman saddles, ten kettles
ten pair of other blankets, ten boxes, fifty pounds of
twine, a hundred yards of bed cord, a hundred yards of
linen, twenty rugs, twenty barrels of pork, twenty bar-
rels of pilot bread, twenty barrels of other bread, twenty
barrels of flour, ten barrels of biscuit, five hundred
bushels of corn, fifty barrels of other corn, a hundred
pounds of loaf sugar, one keg of wine, fifty gallons
of other wine, one keg of rum, fifty gallons of
other rum, ten empty bottles ten coffee mills, ten
hammers, ten drawing knives, ten handsaws, twenty
four knives &forks, ten tea kettles ten frying pans
fifty pounds of nails, a dutch oven, ten oars, two
dozen of sockets,fifty bunches of cut glass
beads. five hundred thousand
other beads, five hundred bunches of other beads
of great value to wit of the value of twenty thousand
dollars; and then and there said defendants carried
away said keel boat with the said goods chattels &
merchandise so on board of hen as aforesaid and kept
and detained the same boat & goods from said plain-
tiffs for a long space of time, to wit hitherto and con-
verted and disposed thereof to their own use; and thereby
the said plaintiffs were hindered and prevented from carrying the
said goods & merchandise & trading & bartering the same with
the Indians, and thereby lost & were deprived of all the profits
benefit & advantage which might & otherwise would have
arisen & to them therefrom: and thereby lost all the
cost, charges & expenses, of carrying said goods to the place where
they were seized, to wit the sum of three thousand dol-
lars: and thereby utterly lost & were deprived of all advantage
from the services of sundry to wit fifty men, hired, engaged
& paid & to be paid by them, to attend & labor in the carrying of said goods