John B.D. Valois and Pierre N. Leclere v. John P. Cabbane, et al.
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& in bartering & selling them for said plaintiffs to the Indians
and thereby also utterly lost all the wages paid by them to
said men on account of said labor & services rendered
& to be rendered said plaintiffs as aforesaid amounting to
a large sum to wit the further sum of five thousand
dollars and thereby also said plaintiffs were forced
& obliged to & did necessarily lay out & expend divers sums of
money in transporting themselves & servants to their res-
pective homes to wit the sum of a thousand dol-
lars to wit at said County and thereby also were hindered &
prevented from keeping their engagements with said Indians &
retaining their good will & custom & prosecuting trade & bar-
ter with them, to the same profit & advantange as thereto-
fore to wit at said County.

And for that the said defendants on the fifth day
of September in the year of our Lord aforesaid to wit at
said County with force & arms & seized & took a certain
keel boat of said plaintiffs then proceeding up the MissouriMissouri
River laden with goods of said plaintiffs for the Indian
trade & stopped and detained said boat from proceeding
on her destination for a long space of time to wit for
twenty days & hindered & delayed said plaintiffs & their ser-
vants from proceeding on said trip with said boat as it was
their intention to do; and hindered & prevented sundry to
wit, five servants of them said plaintiffs from proceeding
with said boat on said trip whereby said plaintiffs lost
a large sum of money to wit a thousand dollars being
wages of their said servants & costs of provisions & other
expenses accrued during the detention of said boat &
also lost utterly the services of said five hands to
wit at said County.

And other wrongs to said plaintiff said defen-
dants then & there did against the peace of the StateMissouri

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of MissouriMissouri & to the damage of said plaintiffs of
forty thousand dollars & therefore they bring
their suit

J SpaldingJ Spalding


EEdward Bates .BatesEdward Bates

for plff