John Filion v. Pierre Chouteau, Jr.
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And whereas also afterwards to wit on the tenth day of
April in the year of our Lordone thousand eight hundred & twenty nine at the Company aforesaid, he
the said ChouteauChouteau did promise & engage in consideration
that the said FilionFilion would continue in the further
service & employment of the ChouteauChouteau in the
in business of trapping, to pay him the said FilionFilion
either the usual wages of a trapper or one half the furs &
peltries which the said FilionFilion should bring in from
the hunt at any time while he remained in the
employ of the American FurMissouri Fur Company CompanyMissouri Fur Company (of which
the one ChouteauChouteau was a partner as aforesaid.) And the
one FilionFilion that he in the
undertaking of the ChouteauChouteau did remain & continue
in the service of ChouteanChoutean in the business of trapping
as aforesaid with the choice of taking one half of the
furs which he might obtain in trapping, & that he
by his great diligence & skill did procure a large
quantity of furs of great value to wit three hundred
beaver skins & other peltries all of which were of
the value of fifteen hundred dollars & that he performed
livery services of great value in behalf of the ChouteauChouteau ,
& that in pursuance of the mentioned agreement
he remained in the active service & employ of the said
ChouteauChouteau for the space of three years & a half from the last mentioned date of which services, he the ChouteauChouteau
had due notice to wit at aforesaid.

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And whereas also afterwards to wit on the first day of
October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & thirty two,at St LouisSt Louis aforesaid, he the
said ChouteauChouteau was indebted to the said FilionFilion in
the further sum of two thousand dollars for the work
labor & services of the FilionFilion done & performed
in behalf of American Fur CompanyMissouri Fur Company in the
business of trapping, at the special insistence & request
of the in ChouteauChouteau , & for the period of four years &
a half preceding the last mentioned date. And
being so indebted he the said ChouteauChouteau in consideration
thereof to wit on the day & year last mentioned, undertake
& there promised to pay the said FilionFilion the
said mentioned sum of money when he the said
ChouteauChouteau should be there unto afterwards requested.

Yet the said ChouteanChoutean not regarding his said agreement
or either of his said promises & undertakings so by him
made as aforesaid, hath not as yet paid the said
FilionFilion either of the said sums of money or any part
or parcel of the furs aforesaid, though often requested