Milly v. Wiley Williams
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Saint Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court March Term 1833 Tuesday 23d April 1833

Stephen WStephen W Foreman Esquire presents to the Court the petition of MillyMilly (a woman of
color praying that she may be permitted to institute suit against Willy Williams for Establishing
her right to freedom and that she may be permitted to institutesuit as a poor person
thereupon the court permit the said MillyMilly to sue as
aforesaid and direct that an action of assault & battery
and false imprisonment be brought in the name of the
said MillyMilly and assign the said StephenStephen W WStephen W Foreman as
her counsel and it is ordered by the Court that the said
Willy Williams permit the said MillyMilly to have a
reasonable liberty of attending her counsel and the
court when occasion may require it and that the
said petition shall not be taken or removed out of
the Jurisdiction of this court or be subjected to any
severity of treatment on account of her said application
for freedom

A true copy of the order

A GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk