Harriet v. Samuel T. McKinny
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State of MissouriMissouriCircuit CourtCircuit Court Third Judicial Circuit
July Term A D 1833

Saint LouisSt Louis County ss HarrietHarriet an infant under twenty one years
of age by G AG A Bird BirdG A Bird , her next friend complains of
SamuelSamuel T M KinneyT M Kinney of a plea of trespass assault
& Battery & false imprisonment for that heretofore
to wit on the first day of May 1831 at St LouisSt Louis
in County the said Defendant with
force & arms & assault did make upon the said
plaintiff & her the said plaintiff did then &
there beatbruise & illtreat & her the said
plaintiff then & there imprison any
legal reasonable on probable cause & kept
detained her imprison therefore a long
of time from the day last aforesaid
untill this time & other wrongs then & there did
against the peace & dignity of the State aforesaid
and said plaintiff says that before & at the
time of the committing the said severalgrievances
the said plaintiff was & still is as free person and that
the said defendant held & detained & still
holds detains said plaintiff in slavery
By means of which premises the said plaintiff
says she has sustained Damage to three
hundred Dollars & therefore she sues

G AG A Bird BirdG A Bird Plffs atty