Louise Vincent, a woman of color v. Marie P. Ladue
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In took her and her said children to the farm
of him said PahlenPahlen in the that of IllinoisIllinois, near
the Rapiol of the Des moins River, about the
distance of between two and three hundred
miles from the leity of St LouisSt Louis; that she resided
with said PahlenPahlen at his said farm in the
state of IllinoisIllinois as his slave and performing
for him menialservices as such, for the person
of four months during which time her said
children adolphe and marceline lived
with her on the farm of said PahlenPahlen
at the place aforesaid of
. This affiant as well as the
can recolect believes that it is about three
years since the resided on the fam of
said PahlenPahlen for four months. This affi
ant further states that, at different period
of time since the last mentioned date she
has lived as the servant and slave of said
PahlenPahlen , at on said farm
and also at the trading first of said Pah
len on the northern side of the des moins
River out of the limits of the state of mis-
souri and hespond the limits of any parti-
cular state, or territory of the United StatesUnited States. This affiant further states that prison
to the institution of the said suits in the name
of herself and her siad children against
the said Marie PMarie P Ledue . LedueMarie P Ledue she informed
her counsel arthur L. magrni that she
should be able to substantiate the facts