Louise Vincent, a woman of color v. Marie P. Ladue
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only materially varied from what he informed
this affiant he could substantiate, but which
as affiant considers materically varied from the statements contained in the petition of said
plaintiff the hath of which petition was
veried by the affidavit of said St. Vrains
which petition and affidavit are on file
in this court and which this affiant prays
may be considered as making part of
this statement. And this affiant further
states that from the information which he
has received from said LouiseLouise and from
statements which have been made to him
by persons who knew said PahlenPahlen he verily
believes that at the next term of this court he
will be able to establish by competent
testimony that said LouiseLouise and said Mar-
celline and adolphe resided at the farm
of said PahlenPahlen in the state of IllinoisIllinois
for several months during the ligetime
of said PahlenPahlen under his control and per-
forming services for him and that since his death
said Ledue has claimed them as slaves as this ad-

Arthur L. magrins

Sworn to in Open
Court May 1st 1834

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