Louise Vincent, a woman of color v. Marie P. Ladue
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State of IllinoisIllinois
Hancock County

Depositions of Witnesses produced, sworn
und Examined at corthage in the county of HancockHancock
and State, of Illinois before me Elam
an acting justice of the peace in & for the county &
state a few said in a certain cause now dependency in
the St LouisSt Louis circuit court for the county of St LouisSt Louis & StateMissouri
of MissouriMissouri between Louise VincentLouise Vincent a woman of Color
Plaintiff Mario P Le due Defendant On the part of the
said Louise VincentLouise Vincent

I Suwe GarlandGarland of Law feel age
being produced sworw & Examined on the part of the
plaintiff in the above case Deposith & sap. that he has
had a knowledge of the residence of the above
named Louise VincentLouise Vincent a woman of color that she
has resided to his knowledge at Zoot EdwardsEdwards in
the county of HancockHancock and state of IllinoisIllinois, and
to the best of his knowledge and belief he the said
deponent says that the said Louise VincentLouise Vincent did
reside in the county & state as aforesaid serving
a certain JoshuaJoshua palen well known to the said
deponent as the acknowledged master or owner
of the said LouiseLouise and that the period of the
residence of said LouiseLouise as aforesaid was he
believes contimned beyond forty days, at divers
times during his acquaintance with said LouiseLouise .
And moreover the said Deponent further saith
that the aofresiad JoshuaJoshua Palen did purchase
a possession or interest in a claim of land
in company he believes with a certain Capt of as
white of HancockHancock to Illi, at the read of the Desmoine
Rapids, and was recognized by said white as a
in said land and further this Saith