Marcelline Vincent, an infant, by and through his next friend, Charles D. St. Vrain v. Marie P. Leduc
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State Of IllinoisIllinois,

Hancock County.


I, Wesley WilliamsWesley Williams , Clerk of the County Commissioner's Court of said County, do
hereby certify, That Elam L. Freeman whose name ap
-pears to the foregoing certificate, was, on the day of the date thereof, an acting Justice of the
Peace, in and for said County, regularly commissioned, and qualified, as appears of record,
and that as such, full faith and credit are, and of right ought to be given to all his official acts.

In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto affixed the seal of
said Court, at CarthageCarthage, in the County aforesaid, the
Twenty Eighth day ofOctoberA. D. 1834

Wesley WilliamsWesley Williams