Ralph Gordon, a man of color v. Robert Duncan and James Duncan
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RalphRalph alias,
Ralph GordonRalph Gordon ,
Robert DuncanRobert Duncan
april 28th

and now come the partus aforesaid, by
their respective attorneys & neither party
requring a jury the cause is submitted to the court to
find the facts & determine the law ordering there
and the court after, hearing, the discussion, finds
the facts to him as follows - That in may AD 1830
the plaintiff under the statute brought this suit for
freedom against DuncanDuncan That by the
order of this court the plaintiff was hired out
during the of said suit untill some,
time in April 1831 on motion of said
Coloman DuncanColoman Duncan in that suit the court made the order of which the
following is a copy here copy the order upon the
sheriff requring him to deliver, the plaintiff to JamesJames
or Colman DuncanColman Duncan

The court finds that said JamesJames
and, the said Robert DuncanRobert Duncan as his security did in
april 1831 enter into a agreeably to the
order of said court & that there upon said
sheriff did deliver, said RalphRalph into the possession, of said
James DuncanJames Duncan & that in april or may 1831 said
JamesJames delivered said RalphRalph to said Robert DuncanRobert Duncan ,
The court finds that said Robert DuncanRobert Duncan kept
& detained said RalphRalph
as the slave of said Colman DuncanColman Duncan until
march or april 1832 and that the of said
RalphRalph this kept were the the
sum of one hundred dollars

The court finds that in the spring of 1832 said
Robert DuncanRobert Duncan hired out said RalphRalph to
David LawrenceDavid Lawrence , as the slave of said Colman DuncanColman Duncan
that said RalphRalph worked with, said Lawrence,
at seventy five cents, per day untill his wages
amounted to fifty Dollars which sum was paid,
to said Robert DuncanRobert Duncan for the hire of said
RalphRalph the court finds that in the suit by
said RalphRalph against said Coloman DuncanColoman Duncan as
aforesaid Judgment was rendered by said court