Daniel Wilson, a man of colour, v. Edmund Millard
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DanielDaniel WilsonWilson
man of colour
EdmundEdmund Melvin

Circuit court- July termAD. 1836

Suit for freedom
Be it remembered that is the trial of the
above entitled case before said court, a jury
by sworn and
the proceeding accquisitions were read
on the part of the plaintiff (here the clerk said
defendant said depositions are exceptions and cer-
tificates) s. certain John was
then called in the part of the plaintiff, who
being sworm, testified as follows that he
that had charge of said Melvin's
children, that said Melvin being in
for the value of or charge for the schooling of
said children, He said Atchinson
send out and attached the proper-
ty of said Melvin to wit his horses & wagon; sold Atchinson
stated that said Melvin brought corn
to St. LouisSt Louis which he said he had raised
on his farm in the state of IllinoisIllinois; and
fur there that said DanielDaniel was about
some time - about a month he believes
in the summer of 1834 in the state
of IllinoisIllinois
. The said plff having here
indeed his testimony, the said Deft
read in evidence the proceeding acquistions
(clerk will have in suit said deposition
the above
is all the evidence
that was laid before
the jury. The judge of said court then

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instructed the jury as follows (Clerk
will release him in the instructions)

After verdict in this case the plff
enteredhis motion and plea hisreasons
for a new trial in the following words
(clerk will have in sent the motion and reasons
for new trial). The said court rendered
said motion for new trial and to
the decision of the court members said
motion, said plffexcepts; which
exceptions is filed and sealed
and made part of the in this

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